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Owner/Boutique, Anything Dog, Reading,Traveling,shopping,antiquing,music, theater,home interiors, military history, 40-50's music, old surfer movies, NCIS freak, Old tv show Wise Guy freak, going to art galleries, art and craft shows, and a big hobby is politics. It really get my endorphins pumping. I collect cherished teddies, bearington bears, teacups and sets, dinnerware to match seasons and holiday,lenox ware especially ornaments, ornaments from where I have traveled or if I find one I like,gingerbread, bunnies, patriotic, depression glass,and change my interior to th seasons. Curtains, Bath, Kitchen, livingroom. Yes, my family thinks that I am nuts. But, they are the one that will say mom, isn't time to decorate for...? So I guess I am not that crazy. Well, maybe just a little.
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Live fast, Die Young, And Wear Clean Underware
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